Saturday, 22 September 2012

10 Things I Love About Fall

Hey guys, long time no talk! I don't have any excuse for my month and a half absence from blogging. So let's just pretend it didn't happen...

Anyway, in England the weather started getting cold around about mid- September and the signs  that Autumn has arrived have long-been here already. Autumn has always been my favourite season and there is just so much I like about this season. Today, I've written a list of all my favourite things about Fall.

1. Sweaters

2. Pumpkin everything (including pumpkin spiced lattes) 

3. Halloween

4. Boots

5. The leaves on the trees in all their Autumnal colours.

6. All my favourite TV shows return!

7. Crunchy leaves

8. Cable knit tights

9. Darker shades of makeup

10. Scarves

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