Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Shoes!

So, I went shopping on the weekend. For various reasons, (namely exams) I haven't been shopping in a while, so it was nice to be able to go look at the stores again, especially seeing as all the shops are having their summer sale right now. I mean, you can find some really great deals. 

Anyhow, among other things, I bought two new pairs of shoes. The first were from Topshop and the second, from H&M. You'll probably recognise the first pair from a post I did earlier this month, talking about shoes that I wanted. Yeah. I bought them... 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer Fashion Trends- Neon!

One of my favourite summer trends this year, is neon. I love how vibrant and bright all the colours are, and I think that neon is definitely a versatile trend. 

      One way that you can wear neon, is by pairing various clothing items, which are different colours, together- colour blocking them. I'd then suggest going for more subtle accessories. In the outfit to the left, I've paired some neon shorts with a neon top. The bracelet and the bag then compliment the outfit without going too over the top.

Another way to wear neon, is to have one item of clothing as the main focus, and then have the rest of your outfit be quite plain, so that the focus stays on your neon piece. In the outfit to the right, I've made the skirt the main focal point, and then the rest of the outfit is quite plain, so that everyone's focus stays completely on the skirt, although if they were to notice the other pieces of the outfit, everything is till very cute.

 If neon colours are too bright for you, and you prefer to stick to a nude palette, then another option for wearing neon, is to wear nude coloured clothes, and then have bright, neon accessories. This option is probably easier to wear, than the others. In this outfit, I've paired some simple denim shorts with a cute black peplum top. However, the accessories are then very bright. I especially love the bag and how well it goes with the bright, yellow shoes.

Well, they are my three top ways to wear neon. To finish, I'm going to post pictures of some neon items that I've found and fallen in love with recently...


Rebecca Minkoff

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dream Shoes...

I really hate exams... Although I believe, so does everybody else. Right now, it's half term in England. I have one week of break before six more weeks of school, then I break up for summer. 
            I'd love to spend this week relaxing because I've survived the mountain of exams I had, before half term. I want to hang out with my friends, go shopping and take advantage of my short break, before I return to school for another long six weeks. Unfortunately, I can't do any of that because I am stuck at home, revising for the second mountain of exams I have, when I return to school... Yay! (Note sarcasm). 
            So, basically I'm annoyed, and bored. I mean, if I ever have to hear about extracting metals and the properties of transition metals, or anything else like that, after next week, I think I might just scream. (As you may have guessed, Chemistry is not my favourite subject).
            Anyhow, today I've composed a list of five shoes that I really want right now, to share with you guys and hopefully inspire you...

1. Topshop 2. Senso 3. Acne 4. Zara 5. Burberry

So these are definitely shoes that I want right now. They are all so pretty and stylish. I'm already imagining a myriad of outfits, I could wear them with!

 What shoes do you want this season?


Sunday, 3 June 2012


I took this picture at Christmas (hence the christmas wreath on my wall in the background). I thought you might all like to see what my Facebook profile picture is, so I'm posting it on here.

Songs of the Month...

So, at the end of every month, I'm going to make a countdown list of songs that I've been loving. This is my countdown for May:

10. Call me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepson. I loved this song a while ago, when it was released in the US, but it was released in the UK this month and I have definitely re-found my love for this song. It's just so catchy and up-beat. Also, the video is quite entertaining.

9. Laserlight- Jesssie J (feat. Davis Guetta). When I first heard this song, I wasn't overly impressed. It just sounded like the same old mainstream songs that everyone sings. However, after hearing it a little more often, I have to say that it's grown on me. The lyrics are simple and easy to follow, and although it definitely isn't the best work of either Jessie J or David Guetta, the song does have a certain Je ne sais quoi to it.

8. Every Little Thing- Ryan Beatty. He's a sixteen year old boy, who posts videos of himself singing on youtube. He is incredibly talented and his voice is brilliant. This song is his first original, and it is really good. The lyrics are pretty and the simple tune has you pressing the repeat button again and again.

7. Boyfriend- Justin Bieber. It's nice to see Justin experimenting with other styles, and I have to say that it works for him. I'm not a Bieber fan at all, however "Boyfriend" is really quite a good song. It gets stuck in your head and you can't help but find yourself singing along when it comes on, on the radio.

6. Picking up the Pieces- Paloma Faith. I love Paloma Faith and this song is just as amazing as I'd expect it to be. Nothing else really needs to be said...

5. Euphoria- Loreen. Well I couldn't do my favourite songs of May, without including the 2012 Eurovision single. I actually think that this song did deserve to win. It's a good dance tune and it easily gets stuck in your head. Also, Loreen's voice has a certain dream-like quality to it, which is quite entrancing.

4. Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine. I love this song! I love the lyrics, I love the melody, I love the video-  Everything! I love everything about this song.

3. Payphone- Maroon 5. Adam Levine's voice is like melted chocolate, and so's this track!

2. Both of Us- B.o.B (feat. Taylor Swift). I really liked this song, even from the first time I heard it. B.o.B and Taylor Swift is a collaboration that shouldn't work and yet actually works really well. The mix of country and rap is different to most songs, but they compliment each other really well.

1. We are Young- Fun. This song is just such a feel-good track. It makes me want to be the rebellious teen society portrays me as and it is just ssh a fun track. The lyrics are great, the tune is catchy and the video, although weird, totally works for the song. I love this track, and I'm not going to stop having it in my head for a while yet.

So that wraps up my favourite songs of May countdown. What are yours?


Saturday, 2 June 2012

The difference between towns and cities...

I live in a town, but I've always preferred being in cities. I think it's because cities are just so much more exciting.The atmosphere, the energy and the people, make being in cities so much more interesting than being in a town- especially one as small as mine. And I do get that the advantage of living in a town like mine is the sense of community and the peacefulness of the place- no crime, no vandalism, no riots. Unfortunately, to me that just sounds dull. I like adventure and action, and as weird as it sounds, I would rather be in the middle of the hysteria, than living in a town where absolutely nothing happens. 
My hometown!
          However, there is one more reason that I prefer cities to towns and this is possibly the most important reason... it's the fashion...
          In cities, it is very easy to find fashionable people. On every street, there is at least one person with amazing fashion sense. On the other hand, I can wander round the streets of my town as much as I want, and I'll be lucky to find someone not wearing a hoody and jeans. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing comfortable clothes. However, I like to admire people's clothes and their fashion sense and that just doesn't happen in my town. I mean, would it be so hard to put a little effort into choosing the clothes you're going to where that day? I mean, it isn't impossible to be wearing nice clothes and be comfortable. Also, I think the worst part is that most of those people actually think that they are dressed well.
         The point I am really trying to make, is that it shouldn't matter whether you live in a big city where it matters what you look like, or in a small town, where everyone is dressed just as badly as each other so it doesn't matter what you wear, people should still make an effort to dress nicely, because at the end of the day, it gives you a lot more self-confidence and it can make you feel good about yourself. Just because you can dress like a slob, doesn't mean that you should! And I am not trying to say that the clothes that you wear is all that matters, I'm trying to say that making an effort and not being lazy matters.
          Anyhow, this is starting to sound more and more like a rant and I need to get back to revising, so I'm going to go now. Talk to you all again soon!