Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dream Shoes...

I really hate exams... Although I believe, so does everybody else. Right now, it's half term in England. I have one week of break before six more weeks of school, then I break up for summer. 
            I'd love to spend this week relaxing because I've survived the mountain of exams I had, before half term. I want to hang out with my friends, go shopping and take advantage of my short break, before I return to school for another long six weeks. Unfortunately, I can't do any of that because I am stuck at home, revising for the second mountain of exams I have, when I return to school... Yay! (Note sarcasm). 
            So, basically I'm annoyed, and bored. I mean, if I ever have to hear about extracting metals and the properties of transition metals, or anything else like that, after next week, I think I might just scream. (As you may have guessed, Chemistry is not my favourite subject).
            Anyhow, today I've composed a list of five shoes that I really want right now, to share with you guys and hopefully inspire you...

1. Topshop 2. Senso 3. Acne 4. Zara 5. Burberry

So these are definitely shoes that I want right now. They are all so pretty and stylish. I'm already imagining a myriad of outfits, I could wear them with!

 What shoes do you want this season?


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