Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer Fashion Trends- Neon!

One of my favourite summer trends this year, is neon. I love how vibrant and bright all the colours are, and I think that neon is definitely a versatile trend. 

      One way that you can wear neon, is by pairing various clothing items, which are different colours, together- colour blocking them. I'd then suggest going for more subtle accessories. In the outfit to the left, I've paired some neon shorts with a neon top. The bracelet and the bag then compliment the outfit without going too over the top.

Another way to wear neon, is to have one item of clothing as the main focus, and then have the rest of your outfit be quite plain, so that the focus stays on your neon piece. In the outfit to the right, I've made the skirt the main focal point, and then the rest of the outfit is quite plain, so that everyone's focus stays completely on the skirt, although if they were to notice the other pieces of the outfit, everything is till very cute.

 If neon colours are too bright for you, and you prefer to stick to a nude palette, then another option for wearing neon, is to wear nude coloured clothes, and then have bright, neon accessories. This option is probably easier to wear, than the others. In this outfit, I've paired some simple denim shorts with a cute black peplum top. However, the accessories are then very bright. I especially love the bag and how well it goes with the bright, yellow shoes.

Well, they are my three top ways to wear neon. To finish, I'm going to post pictures of some neon items that I've found and fallen in love with recently...


Rebecca Minkoff

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