Monday, 23 July 2012

Fall Fashion Trends

It's funny thinking that we are already half way through summer. For me, it feels like summer's only just begun- probably because in England, summer has only just begun. We have sun! Sorry, I'm just so excited at the prospect of being able to go out in the sun (although that makes me sound like a vampire). I can finally bear my legs without having to wear tights! I can finally wear sunglasses and not look desperate! I can finally get some semblance of a tan... Okay, rant over. Anyhow, what I was trying to say, before I got distracted is that very soon, summer will be over and fall (or Autumn as we call it here in England) will be fast approaching. The runways have already bared their fall collections, and I'm here to tell you about some of the trends for this fall.

Gorgeous gold dress by Prabal Gurung.
The runways were filled with the colour gold. This fall, it seems that flowing gold clothing, studded with sequins, paillettes and glittered sheen is the way to go. Designers from Michael Kors to Paco Rabanne were embracing this flashy trend. Gold is definitely the colour of this fall!    
Pretty structured dress from Paco Rabanne.

Beautiful dress by Jill Sander.

Unique styled coat by Fendi.
It's time to find that old pair of wet look leggings because a laminated- waxy finish to clothes and accessories is a big trend this coming fall. This trend has been spotted on the runways of designers such as Acne, Fendi and Jill Sanders

Military Style
Military style suit combo by Salvatore Ferragamo.
The military jacket is definitely popular this coming season. Designers brought a fresh and new appeal to the military style, using luxe fabrics and fitted silhouettes. Now this doesn't mean that women should start wearing cargo pants. I don't think that quite fits into any trend at any time...
Stunning coat by Burberry Prorsum.

Suit up
Beautifully bright orange suit by Prada.
Forget the statement skirt, this season it's all about the pantsuit. Whether it's a cropped and flared retro pair, or a modern layered ensemble, the suit is the trend of this fall. Suits aren't just for work anymore. This trend has been spotted in the collections of every designer, from Prada to Chanel and is definitely the trend to rock this fall.
I love the coat in this piece by Bottega Veneta.

The Renaissance Spirit
I love this top by Dolce & Gabbana. 
This fall, think designs that mimic tapestries. Think, patterns with an ornate baroque swirl. Think of the free period that was the Renaissance and you will have worked out the sort of pattern and style of this fall. A more oriental twist, something with large flowers, also fits into this trend. 

This dress by Giles is just amazing!

A truly elegant coat by Emporio Armani
This clothing piece by Kenzo,
fits the velvet, military and suit trend, all into one!  
Once considered the fabric of the rich, velvet is making a big comeback this fall. Velvet is beautiful and soft to the touch, so it is definitely about time that it came back into fashion. Amazing velvet pieces have been found in the collections of designers such as Gucci and Kenzo this fall.

Authors note: All the pictures on this post came from Elle

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