Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Moschino Obsession- Review!

Well I've recently discovered the Moschino brand, and completely fell in love with them. I'd known of Moschino before hand, but I hadn't really payed much attention to them, until now, and I have to say that I am crazy to have not taken any notice of them in the past, because Moschino is a really nice brand.
           The Autumn/Winter collection has recently came out and some of it is really amazing, however I do have to say that I prefer the spring/summer collection (although that might just have to do with my hatred of the winter). Everything in the collection seems to be either really simple, or really complex with distinctive patterns and there really doesn't seem to be a middle ground.         
           As usual, they have a lot of graphic pieces, which appeal to the younger age, (I know it appeals to me) as well as a lot of more conservative pieces, such as plain jumpers or plain blazers. One of my favourite graphic pieces from the collection, is a white jumper with a heart in the middle that looks like it's been coloured in. It is so cute! 
           I'm unfortunately not a fan of the colours in the collection. They are mainly dark neutrals such as different shades of grey and navy blues or blacks. I understand that it is the autumn/winter collection, but I would have still liked to see some more colour. I also feel that in the cases where there are colour, it feels very lacklustre and dull, and I really feel like the whole collection just needs a little more vibrance. Nevertheless, even if I am not a fan of the colours, the clothes the colours are on, are fantastic. There is a slight fifties feel in a lot of the pieces, which I really like and I could imagine making some really great outfits by paring some of the more extravagant pieces in the collection, with much more simple clothing items.
          I love the bags in this collection! They all have a slight comical feel to them and, although I think they could be quite hard to pair with actual outfits, they are extremely adorable bags- the sort of bags that you feel yourself wanting to buy, even though you know that you're going to have a really difficult time finding things to wear the bag with.
          The accessories in the collection are also gorgeous, and a lot of them have quite a glamourous-like feel to them. A lot of the accessories are statement pieces, and simplicity doesn't seem to fit into them anywhere.
          All in all, I do really like the collection. I'm not a fan of the colours of a lot of the items, and some of the pieces are too normal for my liking, but overall the collection is quite extravagant and I do think that it is going to do really well. 

Disclaimer: All the pictures are taken from 'The Telegraph' website. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. 

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