Monday, 2 July 2012

The High-end Low-end Game!

Having the perfect wardrobe does not means having a wardrobe filled to the brink with overly expensive designer items. The perfect wardrobe has a perfect balance between both High-end and Low-end fashion. What I am talking about, is that there are some items which it completely makes sense to invest money in. On the other hand, there are many items that it is not necessary to invest money in.

High-end Splurges

Shoes- Designer shoes are always a great investment. Having an expensive pair of shoes means that they will normally last longer, and will be more comfortable and give more support for your feet. I think that the best type of shoe to buy, is something classic, like a simple black or nude pump. Basically, something that suits everything and will never go out of style.

Picture from Christian Dior Fall 2012 fashion week 
Coat / Jacket- A jacket can be worn with almost any look and can turn any look from casual to formal or vice-versa. Also, coats are something that are worn every year, and investing in a good, classic style of coat, for example a trench, will last you years to come and will never go out of style. In the winter,  your coat is often all that you will see of you're clothing, while you're outside (or at least that is the case with English weather), so you may as well have a nice coat to show off.

Classic Jewellery- A classic watch, diamond stud earrings and a simple heart necklace or bracelet from tiffany's are all pieces that can finish off any outfit, and will remain in you're wardrobe for years to come. Something as simple as a good quality watch can make you're whole outfit look a thousand bucks, even if the watch is the only expensive item that you are wearing.

Handbags- Every girl needs a handbag and for those who can afford it, a designer handbag is definitely a worthy purchase. If you were to invest in nothing else, then at least invest in a designer handbag. A good handbag made out of a good material will last you forever and as long as it is a classic style in a neutral colour such as nude or black, it will go with absolutely every outfit, and will complete absolutely every look. 

Low-end Saves

T-shirts- Let's be honest with each other. Does a £100 t-shirt look any different from a £5 t-shirt? The answer is no. T-shirts are items which you can find anywhere and they will be just as nice as if you spent a lot of money on them.

Picture from the Versace for H&M
spring/summer 20012 fashion show
Statement Jewellery- Often statement jewellery will be difficult to piece with a variety of outfits and will only go with certain outfits. Also because it is making a 'statement', what classifies as 'in-style' for statement jewellery, often changes very quickly. If you look in the right shops, you can often find beautiful statement pieces, at a reasonable price, and if you buy the right ones and pair it with the right outfit, then they can look just as expensive as if you'd spent a lot on them.

Jeans-  Well this one is slightly controversial. For some people, jeans are absolutely a great investment, and if you're the sort of person who literally only wears jeans, then maybe they are. On the other hand, I find that there isn't any point in investing in jeans because cheaper jeans, in my opinion, are just as good as more expensive jeans. On the other hand, designer jeans will tend to be more comfortable and last longer.

Trends- There is no point in investing in trends, because a trend is just that- a trend, and by next season, it won't be popular anymore. Sure, some trends last a whole year, maybe even two, but trends aren't permanent, and there is no point in spending a lot of money on clothing which you will wear for one season and then have to store away in the back of you're wardrobe, and wait a decade before the trend comes back. 

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